Why you should teach gardening to children in school?

As the world is going ahead,  we are moving ahead but we are losing many things. One of them is plants and trees.

Plants and trees are the main brick of food chain. Their need is increasing but we,  humans, are destroying them. Therefore, there is a need to teach them. Although, you don’t need to tell them about vertical farming in Dubai or fresh vegetables supplier in UAE. You have to teach them basics and technicalities. There are many reasons to teach them gardening but major reasons are:

  1. Greenery is important: Greenery and plants are very important. They are the main source of food. Your salads and majority of food is produced from plants. Your oxygen is also made by plants. Their need is increasing day by day because population is increasing and secondly, technology and increasing deforestation are causing numerous problems in environment. Thus, to reduce all problems it is important to teach them. 
  2. Healthy environment: It gives them healthy environment by providing fresh air in the surrounding that make people healthy, alert, sound and active. Fresh air is rich in oxygen. It has minimum harmful gases due to which there would be minimum Oxidative stress. 
  3. Fresh and natural veg and fruits: Unlike other veg and fruits that contain different chemicals, fruits and veg grown by teachers and plants would contain minimum chemical which make them healthier and must-have. They are more tasty and nutritious. Besides this, if such plants are grown in good quantity, then school could save some money which they can use on grooming of kids. 
  4. Activity: Gardening is different from studies. It is full of fun and enjoyable activity. And children crave for fun and play. They love to move and roam around. It gives them relaxation and peace. It makes them active and alert. Thus, it is healthy activity for them that can teach them a lot about gardening and the world of plants. 

Learning: A child is a learner if you would not put them in the bucket of competition. Try to make everything practical. Teach them planting and gardening by burying seeds and watering with them. In this way they will learn instantly. Gardening is a skill which has so many things to learn because each plant is grown differently from other plant. Besides this, there are many kinds of plants. Some of them can be grown in shades and some need sunshine the most.